Tanis Kluever on the benefits of a California Proposition 19 Trust Loan

Commercial Loan Corporation is California’s premier lender for Proposition 19 Trust Loans. We specialize in providing trust loans to clients who are inheriting a family home and would like to keep a parents low property tax base but do not have the funds available in a trust or estate to make an equal distribution to all of the heirs or beneficiaries. Our trust loans help clients accomplish exactly that. In this video, Senior Account Executive Tanis Kluever explains how a trust loan can benefit you and the other beneficiaries of the trust or estate. On average we allow the person who is inheriting the family home to save over $6,400 a year in property taxes by avoiding property tax reassessment. Additionally, we help the other members of the trust save on average over $40,000 by avoiding the costly realtor fees associated with selling the family home.  Those funds are then able to be distributed to all of the beneficiaries, allowing for everyone to benefit.

Are your or a family member interested in preserving a parents low property tax base on a family home?  Did your attorney or fiduciary recommend that you obtain a trust loan? Look no further. We help more clients obtain a trust loan than any other lender in California. We have helped hundreds of clients keep a parents low property tax base with a loan to trust and we can help you as well.  Call us at (877) 464-1066 and we will provide you with a free cost benefit analysis.