Trust Loans

Commercial Loan Corporation loans provide trusts and estates with the cash needed to allow each beneficiary to receive an equal portion of the assets. This allows one or more beneficiaries to retain real estate while others receive cash or cash and other assets.

Often times it is our clients objective to retain a parents low California Proposition 13 Property Tax Base on an inherited home. Our loan provides the funds necessary to accomplish this. By doing so, we save our clients on average over $6,200 a year in property taxes. We can help simplify the complications of California Proposition 19 and Proposition 58 by answering all of your questions and providing you with a free savings estimate.

We are a direct lender and can close a loan in as little as 7 days. Fore more information on our trust and estate loan programs or to determine how much you might be able to save in property taxes, please call us at 877-464-1066 or complete this quick information request form:

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