California Trust Loans

Trust Loans - Loans to trusts and estates.

Trust Loans – Loans to trusts and estates.

Trust Loans in California

We are a California lender that specializes in trust loans to assist beneficiaries, administrators, fiduciaries and trustees. We are one of only a few California lenders that provide trust loans to irrevocable trusts. We work directly with clients, Attorneys and Property Tax Consultants to insure a worry free transaction and to make sure that all of your needs are met.

Our trust loan process allows a beneficiary to benefit from California Proposition 19 and Proposition 58; avoiding property tax reassessment and keeping a parents low Prop 13 protected property tax base. Our trust loans can be completed in as little as 7 days, allowing beneficiaries receive access to their funds as quickly as possible.

Loans to Trusts and Beneficiaries

Loans to Trusts and Beneficiaries

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Lending to a Trust

A trust loan is a mortgage that is made directly to a trust as opposed to an individual. The typical purpose of a trust loan is to infuse a trust with cash so that an equal distribution to beneficiaries can be made or to provide funds for improvements or maintenance on real estate held in the trust.

Trust loans tend to have different qualification criteria than conventional mortgages. Unlike a traditional home loan, a trust loan may not rely on credit and income criteria for approval. Additionally traditional mortgage lenders are typically unwilling to make a loan to an irrevocable trust and will require the home is removed from the trust prior to financing which will typically trigger a property tax reassessment on the home. That is where Commercial Loan Corporation can assist you. We are able to provide a mortgage directly to an irrevocable trust. Most importantly, our trust loans do not require a personal guarantee from a beneficiary or trustee, allowing our loan to help make a beneficiary eligible for a Proposition 19 exclusion from property tax reassessment.

Trust Loans and Equalization Loans in California

We are a California licensed lender that specializes in lending to trusts and estates. Unlike most private money lenders, trust loans are what we specialize in. We assist clients every month in providing the needed liquidity to a trust, enabling an equal distribution and avoiding a sibling to sibling buyout. Our trust loan helps a beneficiary meet the requirements of California Proposition 19. If you, a family member, client or a friend may be able to benefit from a trust loan, please call us at 877-464-1066. We can provide you with a no cost estimate on how much might be saved by taking advantage of Prop 19’s exclusion from property tax reassessment. On average our trust loans, sometimes called equalization loans, save our clients over $6,400 per year in property taxes by helping them avoid property tax reassessment. When receiving a trust loan from Commercial Loan Corporation, you can count on:

  • An Easy Application Process
  • Flexible Underwriting Guidelines
  • Fast Approvals and Funding
  • Loans Funded In As Little As 7-Days
  • Same Day Loan Approvals
  • The Highest Level of Customer Service

Irrevocable Trust Loans

Most banks and lenders are not willing to lend on a property held in an Irrevocable Trust. Instead they require that the property be removed from the trust before placing a mortgage upon it. This can make it difficult if not impossible for a beneficiary to qualify for Proposition 19 since the California Board of Equalization requires an equal distribution be made with no funds or personal guaranty from the acquiring beneficiary.

The good news is that Commercial Loan Corporation is one of the leading providers of trust loans and loans to irrevocable trusts in California. We work with the trustee or beneficiary and their legal representation to make sure that all of the goals of the members of the trust are met. A trust loan can be funded in as little as 7 days after we have received the required information from the trustee or Attorney. Importantly, we never charge any prepayment penalties or have any minimum days of interest requirements associated with our loans. This allows the acquiring beneficiary to refinance or payoff our mortgage as soon as desired with no penalty.  If you require the assistance of a trust and estate attorney in your area, we can put you in contact with one who has experience dealing with California Proposition 19. For very complicated property tax situations, we can also provide you with the contact information of a California Property Tax Consultant who has over 20 years of experience working in a County Tax Assessors Office.

Loans to a Family Trust & Probate Loans

Family trust loans allow for a trustee to obtain a mortgage secured by real estate that is held within a trust. Taking out a loan for a family trust allows the trustee to increase the available cash held by the trust in order to equally divide ownership at the time of distribution. The same can be done for an estate in probate, but may require the authorization of a probate court judge. A family trust loan or probate loan can supply additional cash that may be needed by a trust or probate estate when liquid funds are otherwise not available.

Loans for Proposition 19 & 58 – Avoiding Property Tax Reassessment

The most common reason why we provide loans to trusts is to help a beneficiary avoid property tax reassessment. Our trust loans can assist a beneficiary in meeting the requirements of Proposition 19 in order to avoid the property tax reassessment of a home that they are inheriting from a parent. When there are multiple beneficiaries involved and one wants to keep the family home while others wish to receive cash; our trust loan provides the cash needed for the trust to make an equal distribution to all of the beneficiaries involved. California Proposition 19 allows for the exclusion of a property tax reassessment when a home is transferred from a parent to child, providing that certain conditions are met. Our trust loan helps the beneficiary meet the Proposition 19 requirements. On average our clients save over $6,400 per year in property taxes.

If you have questions on Prop 19 or about the benefits of a trust loan, please call us at 877-464-1066. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

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