Lending To A Home In A Trust – USC Trust And Estate Conference

Lending To A Home In A Trust In California Please visit our table at the USC Gould School of Law 44th Annual Trust & Estate Conference on 11/16/2018. Mike Riggs & Tanis Alonso will be available to answer all of … Continue reading

California Loans to Trusts

California Loans to Trusts, Estates & Inherited Homes Commercial Loan Corporation is a California direct lender for real estate and homes in trusts, irrevocable trusts, estates, probate and on homes being inherited from a deceased parent. Trust and Estate lending … Continue reading

California Residential Property Tax Consultant

At Commercial Loan Corporation we specialize in assisting clients with the financing they need to keep a parents low property tax rate on an inherited property. Transferring a Parents of Grandparents property tax rate can be a extremely beneficial; in … Continue reading

Trust and Estate Terminology

Terms for Trusts & Estates Dealing with Trusts and Estates can be a complicated matter. It can go from complex to incomprehensible if you do not understand the terminology. To help you better understand, we have compiled a list of … Continue reading

California Trust & Estate Bridge Loans

California Bridge Loan Financing To Trusts & Estates Commercial Loan Corporation specializes in providing bridge loans to trusts and estates. We are one of just a handful of lenders in California that provide bridge financing to trusts. Even more importantly, … Continue reading

California Proposition 58 Parent to Child Transfer of Property Tax Rate

California Proposition 58 and Property Taxes When inheriting real estate from a parent, one of the primary considerations in determining if you will keep or sell the property is often the expenses associated with the home. Typically one of the … Continue reading

California Private Money Lender

Bridge Loans For Trusts & Estates When it comes to choosing a California Private Money Lender or California Hard Money Lender, you have a handful of options to choose from. Selecting the right one might be more important than you … Continue reading

California Estate Loan And Trust Loan Provider

Provider Of California Estate Loans Thanks to California Proposition 58, a parent is permitted to transfer their low property tax rate to a child on an inherited piece of real estate. Unfortunately, in some situations receiving an exclusion from property … Continue reading

Property Tax Issues In Trust And Estate Distributions

California Property Tax Issues Relating To Trusts & Estates On Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 12:00 PM, Commercial Loan Corporation & Property Tax Specialist Michael Wyatt will be presenting Property Tax Issues In Trust And Estate Distributions For The Long … Continue reading


What is California Proposition 58 and how may it benefit you? On November 6, 1986, California Proposition 58 became effective. Proposition 58, with certain limitations, permits the exclusion for reassessment of property taxes on real estate transfers between parents and … Continue reading