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Here you will find recent blog articles relating to Commercial Loan Corporation trust loans and mortgages for estates in a trust. These loans help our clients avoid property tax reassessment on real estate being transferred from a trust to an individual. This process uses Proposition 58 to help preserve a low Proposition 13 tax rate. Commercial Loan Corporation specializes in providing our clients with a 3rd party trust loan to make an illiquid trust liquid.

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Trust & Estate Loan Benefit Calculator

Trust & Estate Loan Benefit Calculator

When you are considering keeping an inherited home from a parent and need to borrow money to buyout siblings or beneficiaries, it is important to make sure that it makes financial sense to do so. To assist you in doing so, we created the Commercial Loan Corporation Trust & Estate Loan Benefit Calculator.

Our trust and estate loan benefit calculator will help you quickly and easily determine if it makes sense to apply for a Proposition 58 exclusion from reassessment and take out a trust or estate loan. The loan benefit calculator compares your property tax savings to your estimated loan expenses and determines approximately how long it will take to recover those costs.  If you plan on keeping the home longer than it will take to recoup the fees, then the loan is of benefit; if not then it would make more sense to not conduct the loan.

So watch this short video on our Trust & Estate loan benefit calculator and then try the calculator yourself at

For any additional assistance or to begin the Trust or Estate loan process, please call us at 877-464-1066.

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