Keep a parent’s property tax base on an inherited home

Loans to Trusts and Estates

We are California’s #1 Trust and Estate Lender. We have helped over 500 clients keep a parent’s low property tax base on an inherited home. Our average client saves over $6,550 a year in property taxes by avoiding reassessment. We provide loans to irrevocable trusts and probate estates. A trust and estate loan allows for an equal distribution to be made so that you can qualify for a California Proposition 19 Parent to Child Transfer and avoid property tax reassessment on an inherited home. This enables one child to keep the home with the parent’s low property tax base while the other child beneficiarie(s) receive an equal share of cash.

Call us today at (877)464-1066. We can provide you with a free cost benefit analysis which will let you know how much you can save by avoiding property tax reassessment. We can answer all of your questions and work with your attorney to help you qualify for a Proposition 19 parent to child transfer and exclusion from property tax reassessment. We can provide financing in as little as 10 business days and help you and your family save tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding costly realtor fees. Our trust loans do not carry a prepayment penalty, so you can pay down or pay off your trust loan as quickly as you like.